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The property market on Sydney’s Lower North Shore has shown strong interest from buyers and investors in early 2019. The area’s average days on market is at 54 days which is well above Sydney’s overall rate of 66 days on market (Core Logic) with buyers keen to secure a property quickly. Now is the time to ride this forward-moving wave and invest in a relationship with an agent who knows the area and the best possible outcome for your property.

The future of selling in the Lower North Shore

The Lower North Shore is an enviable location, nestled between Sydney Harbour, the Lane Cove River, and Middle Harbour border area; and only within minutes of the CBD. Professionals, retirees, and young families all love to call the Lower North Shore home and for good reason. Living here means early morning walks along The Esplanade or a swim at the heritage-listed Bather’s Pavilion. Minutes from the Harbour parklands and ferry terminal, the Lower North Shore is suburban living on the city’s doorstep.

Buyers and investors are noticing this rare chance of securing a lifestyle in Lower North Shore where everyday amenities such as schools, restaurants, parks, cafes, and public transport are within easy access. While the Sydney real estate market is slowing down, the Lower North Shore region has continued to boom, remaining in demand and fetching both local and international interest.

“There’s a diversification of buyer demographics. 10-12 years ago the market was dominated by locals, where figures were around 75% for the Lower North Shore. Today the split is about 50/50” – Adrian Bridges.

Yet, although we are seeing strong buyer interest it takes an experienced agent who can understand the local market, effective pricing, presentation and promotion to ensure you’re getting the right buyers through the door. We asked our agents their expert tips on acheiving the best sale outcome and how to find the right agent for you.

1. Find an agent who understands the modern buyer’s needs

Buyers search analytically, but they buy emotionally, so make your inspection a positive sensory experience. Your agent should make sure that the property looks good, smells good, sounds good, feels good… that attention to detail all counts.” – Adrian Bridges, LJ Hooker Avnu agent

There are many real estate agents willing to help you sell your home, but for the best chances of success, it’s recommended to search for an experienced agent who understands the local market and trends. A good agent will guide you on the best ways to advertise your home so that it appeals to the current market. If your agent doesn’t discuss a pricing, presentation and promotional strategy, as well as current market dynamics. They’re most likely not to get the right buyers through the door.

2.The right price helps foster interest from the right buyers

“An effective pricing strategy needs to involve more than just comparable sales. My team looks at square-metre rates, replacement costs, land value and supply and demand to ensure we’re attracting the right buyer and positioning the property to get the best results.”  – Michael Coombs,  LJ Hooker Avnu agent

Your agent should be able to work with you to set a fair price for your home. Sydney is a sellers’ market, and your agent will look at the current property market conditions, local market insights and what prices similar properties in the area are selling for to come up with the right price that will benefit you and attract potential buyers.

3. Never underestimate the importance of lengthy research

Research your agent. Try going to one of their open houses to see what they’re like in action before making contact. Ask about how they’d connect you with the right people, like property stylists. The agent you should go with will have all their processes in order and be ready to work smarter and harder for your sale.” – Connor Clark, LJ Hooker Avnu agent

Performing an extensive search online to explore your agent’s website, portfolio, blog, and any reviews or recommendations from clients is the best way to ensure you’re choosing the right person to work with. Make a list of questions and meet with them personally to discuss their past experience and current knowledge of your location.

4. Make experience your top real estate agent criteria

It’s really tempting to select the cheapest agent, or the one who inflates a property’s price, but it’s a trap. Employing an experienced agent with a mind for strategy is the best investment you can make.” – Brad Rogan, LJ Hooker Avnu agent

An experienced real estate agent will be proactive and transparent throughout the entire selling process. It’s important to find an agent who maintains contact and is a great communicator, letting you know where you stand with your selling situation. Before deciding on an agent make sure you understand how often they’ll be updating you on your sale and what information they’ll be sharing.

5. Cease the right home improvement opportunities

Making improvements to your home can increase its value, but only the right improvements. A skilled agent can help you select the renovations that will improve your return on investment, and ensure that you only spend money that you can make back.” – Vanessa Coles, LJ Hooker Avnu agent

It’s often surprising how much you can do for the price of your house by performing simple little updates and repairs. Your agent can direct you on the best ways to improve the look and feel of your home and work with your budget to ensure that your investment will be rewarded.

6. Plan to wow from the first moment your home is viewed

First impressions count. While decluttering and great styling are important, many buyers have made their mind up from the home’s facade alone. Make sure the first glimpse of your property is a great one, and you’ll have set yourself up for success.” – Anthony Godson, LJ Hooker Avnu agent

This is where kerb appeal really counts. Look at your home from the street and see if there’s any way you can improve its appearance to further entice buyers to have a look inside. Neat gardens, mown lawns, washed driveways, and well-maintained fixtures will help keep up appearances and have people look twice.

Let LJ Hooker Avnu’s real estate agents lead the way

Finding the right real estate agent to represent you and your property isn’t always easy. In many cases, once a homeowner enlists the help of a sub-par agent, they quickly find that they have no control over the process and fade into the background without any real-time updates or insight. LJ Hooker Avnu is different, geared to reshape homeowner’s experiences with selling and providing a precise, technology-based platform to take the tedium out of the selling process and provide you with real-time updates every step of the way. LJ Hooker Avnu’s superior real-time data means your agent is armed with in-depth knowledge of the local property market.

Everything you need to prepare to sell.

Download our seller’s guide.

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