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It doesn’t matter how self-assured you might be in your everyday life, selling a home can be downright stressful. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to soothe those frazzled nerves.

With the market looking up and spring fast approaching, homeowners who have been holding off are now weighing up whether now is the right time to put their property on the market. One of the factors that plays into that decision is the upheaval selling their home is likely to cause – and whether they can bear the thought of it.

A home is the biggest asset most people will own in their lifetime and there can be a lot riding on it when it comes time to sell. Selling your primary place of residence is a big decision, and agents are aware of how much thought has gone into it ahead of their first meeting with homeowners.

The selling price achieved can impact everything from retirement plans and wealth for future generations, to where and what vendors are able to buy next. If they have already committed to another property and are relying on bridging finance to secure it, the pressure can be amplified. The longer their property takes to sell, the more they are paying out in interest and the bigger the strain on their finances. 

For many homeowners, deciding to sell is often the result of a change in circumstances, such as  divorce or redundancy, and this can heighten emotions. Owners who love their home but are forced to sell because of life events like these can find the process especially stressful. Like many vendors, they tend to assume their home has a higher value than the market is reflecting. Some real estate agents play on this by telling them they can expect a far higher price for their home than they will realistically be able to achieve.

Setting too high a price on a property not only makes it harder to sell, it can also make the selling process more stressful when fewer buyers than expected turn up to open homes and offers fail to come in. All that waiting and hoping can raise anxiety levels, and if weeks turn into months, further fears can arise over their house growing stale on the market or failing to sell at all.

“Emotional attachment makes all of us overestimate the value of our own homes, At LJ Hooker Avnu, we hope to build lifelong relationships with homeowners and we find the best way to do this is to be upfront and honest about both the price they can expect and the sale process itself. We then work hard to get the best possible outcome for their sale.”

Easing anxiety

There are ways and means to minimise the stress of selling, and LJ Hooker Avnu’s vendor app was created with this in mind. Accessed 24/7 via the app or online, vendors can see live updates of how many people have enquired about their home, how many attended each open home, how many contracts of sale have been requested, and how the local and wider markets are faring day by day.

LJ Hooker Avnu agent Anthony Godson says the app and portal lets vendors keep track of where their agent is at every step of the way. “With instant access to the progress of a property campaign, it’s far easier for the homeowner and the agent to work together to get the best possible price. It makes the process transparent.”

Having an agent on board who takes the time to understand a vendor’s past experiences with buying or selling real estate – good and bad – can also make a big difference, as can one who communicates regularly with vendors to keep them up to date and in the know.

“It’s about getting to know clients and finding out how to make their selling experience the best possible experience it can be,” Godson says. “What eases anxiety in some won’t be what works for others – it’s my job to figure out how best to work with vendors to minimise the stress involved.”

Top 5 tips to ease vendor anxiety

  1. Distract: Once your home is ready for sale and the marketing campaign has kicked off, it’s time for some self-care. Plan weekends away and outings with family and friends to take your mind off the sale, and schedule in some you-time doing the things you love.
  2.  Detach: Focus on what you can control, let go of what you can’t. Worrying about whether offers will come in and when your house will sell won’t change the outcome.
  3. Visualise: Imagine yourself living in your next house or apartment, how you’ll feel when you move in, and how your life will change for the better. Thinking about what you want rather than dwelling on what you don’t want does your mental health a big favour.
  4. Communicate: If you find yourself getting anxious about the sale, reach out to your agent. Reassuring words from an agent working hard on your behalf is likely to reduce your stress levels.
  5. Relax: Tell yourself that all will be well. If you need a helping hand to reach a place of calmness, now is the time to book in some weekly massages or ramp up your fitness routine!

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