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 A quick look at Australian property market trends will tell you that the peak activity periods are in the lead up to Christmas, October and November, and the beginning of the new year, in March. A Corelogic report which studied sales volumes between January and December found that March was the busiest month for both units and houses across Australia.

 So, if you are planning to sell in the new year, why not get a jump on the competition and sell in February? Make full use of the saturation of interested buyers and, as yet, limited stock.

But how?

 First thing first: preparation. 

Our Avnu experts tell us that, before you even approach an agent to discuss selling, there are several things you can do to prepare your property, which has served you well but may bear the tell-tale signs of it’s faithful service, for a campaign. Some of these include: 

  1. Cleaning. And I mean deep cleaning. That means more thoroughly than when your in-laws come to stay. Windows crystal clear, vents dust-free, carpets professionally cleaned. 
  2. Painting. Could the chips in the window frames be filled in? Could the walls be refreshed? A clean, fresh palette works wonders on the impression people take away. And anyone who says they don’t like the smell of a freshly painted room isn’t someone you can trust anyway.
  3. Declutter. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you may be a low-level hoarder. Think carefully; do you really need 236 copies of Women’s Day stacked on the coffee table? Do you ever use the rusty barbell collection in the garage? Here’s a tip: if you haven’t used it once in the last year, it’s time to go. And if there’s nothing wrong with what you don’t need anymore, recycle it. Sharing is caring.
  4. Gardens. Snip it, clip it, hedge trim it. Entice prospective buyers to dream about sunny days spent on the lawn before they’ve even stepped inside. If you don’t have a garden, then you get a pass.
  5. Universality of taste: I get it, you’re a voyeur of interior design and no one understands. But your homage to the court of Louis XIV may not appeal to the mundane tastes of the masses you show through your property come inspection day. This point refers to the styling point below. 
  6. Location. Due to your geographical location, there may be some preparations needed. For example; if you live near the coast, metal surfaces may need attention to bring them back from the brink of rust-ageddon.

Check out our fantastic design and home-improvement tips from our expert agents that are useful for any homeowner. If you’re thinking of upgrading, find out what room adds the most value to your property and, most importantly, the top things to avoid when refreshing your home for sale.

Some things that can probably wait until you have consulted a professional include:

  1. Styling. Avnu experts can point you in the direction of a professional stylist who understand the key features of your house, and place furniture and decorations that capitalise on this.
  2. Pest and Building BEFORE sale. This is very important, as no one wants to buy a house that potentially could burst a pipe or be eroded by termites.

These are general guides, and may not apply to you. Just remember to think about first appearances – what would you think if you visited this property at an open home?

One more thing…

Flexibility in campaign expectations can bring about unexpected wins. Keep that in mind as you read the following example (note: the following example occurred in December 2019, but you could reap similar benefits for the new year peak period if you act quickly):

 Our story begins back in December last year, when the owner of a beautiful three-bedroom family home approached an Avnu agent, regarding their property. Their plan, however, was to sell this year.

 Our Avnu agent talked to the seller and explained their belief that right then, before Christmas, was the perfect time to consider an off-market sale. Buyer demand had increased steadily since September and was higher than it has been in months, but stock levels were still quite low. This means that they had the opportunity to garner a considerable amount of interest, which is exactly what happened.

 The next step was compiling a list of all contacts who matched the type of person our agent believed would enjoy this house to its full potential – this included downsizers, young professionals, and investors. Then they sent out some information, and an invitation to view the property.

 Over two inspection dates, a staggering total of 30 groups of potential buyers toured the house. I’ll remind you – this number is without the benefit of a campaign, just from the people that our protagonist contacted. The ultimate buyer was a young professional couple who were already living in the area.

That is what tells us that selling off-market was the perfect solution for this situation – the Avnu agent set the demographic that they believed would love the home, and a couple that matched that demographic exactly were the eventual buyers.

 A little flexibility – the ability to listen to the experts and change their original plan – rewarded the seller with an early, favorable sale before the new year. A similar tactic could be perfectly timed to kick off in January if you reach out now.

Start your sales journey today, and find out how much your home could sell for.

Fancy yourself an early bird?

If you want to capitalise on low stock and high buyer interest, talk to one of our experts on selling before the March peak period

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