Property Management

Revolutionising the experience of leasing and managing your property.

We’re making property management simply smarter.

With our technology, managing your investment property is simple and stress-free. Our approach consolidates everything you need in one place and makes it easy to get a snapshot of your investment or portfolio.

All in one place

Everything you need is at hand. Get the right information at the right time in real time. Book maintenance jobs, approve invoices, and see what’s happening with your property at a glance. All agreements, leases, statements, bills, by-laws and condition reports are all stored in the app – you no longer have to contact your Property Manager to request copies.

Real-time payments

Get paid the same day the tenant pays. Real-time payments mean you get the money from your rental sooner, not at the end of the month. This is a cashflow game-changer for property investors.

Investor tools

See all your property’s performance stats, home loan & equity tracking, cash flow forecasts and financial summaries in one place. You will also have access to our depreciation calculators and purchasing tools such as feasibility and home loan calculators.

Maintenance made simple

Track and book repairs on your property from your phone. You can even approve invoices. Our property management app makes keeping track of your investment easy.

More transparency on your portfolio.

We’ve made it simple for you to get in touch with your property manager, and it’s now easier than ever for them to get information to you quickly. By streamlining the property management process, our property managers can spend more time working with you to maximise your returns. We’re all about creating a better real estate experience and making life easier.

Want to know more?

Speak to our property manager about a free rental appraisal.

Thinking of switching?

Changing your property manager is easier than you think. After meeting with us, all you need to do is loop us in via email with your current property manager and we’ll take care of the rest.